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Office Cleaning

Keeping your office clean improves air quality, inhibits the spread of germs, and helps your employees stay healthy and happy. You have a business to run – let us handle the dirty work for you.

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Medical Cleaning

Our Las Vegas medical cleaning specialists are dedicated to keeping your facilities clean and sanitary for the safety of your patients and staff.

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Floor Care

Stark Janitorial takes great care of all kinds of floors. Whether you’ve got , tile, wood, laminate, or even a higher maintenance material like marble or cork, our professional cleaning staff knows exactly how to keep your floors expertly maintained.

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Your indoor air quality is probably not as good as you think. Regular vacuuming helps you and your staff breathe a little easier by reducing allergens like dust and mites. Stark Janitorial uses vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to keep your carpets and your air clean and fresh.

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Dusting Services

The dust in your business is made organic and inorganic particles like dead skin cells, dust mites, particulate from car exhaust, pollen, and even things like pesticides and mold spores. Regular dusting is the only way to keep the grime at bay.

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Trash Removal

You have enough to do without thinking about mundane chores like taking out the trash. Let Stark Janitorial empty your trash and recycling bins so you can focus on all the things you need to do to keep your business running efficiently.

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Restroom Sanitation

Nobody on your team wants to get stuck with bathroom duties, right? Stark Janitorial cleans and sanitizes your restrooms, making sure your supplies are stocked and your facilities are spotless.

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Custom Services

Looking for customized service for your office, restaurant, medical facility, or retail establishment? Talk to a professional at Stark Janitorial today to create a custom cleaning plan that includes all the service you need and none you don’t.

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