3 Ways to Reduce Office Waste

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If you’re like most companies, your office creates a lot of trash. Have you ever noticed how much garbage a few people can generate in a week?

Reducing the amount of waste your office creates is easier than you think.

3 Tips for Reducing Office Trash

Reducing the amount of garbage and waste your office throws away is an environmentally responsible decision. It also goes a long way towards keeping your work environment clean and uncluttered.

Trying to talk your employees into wasting less material is a losing battle, which you already know if you’ve tried it.

Here are 3 smart tips that actually work to reduce waste, save money, and keep your office sparkling clean.

how to get your employees to produce less trash

Reuse Shredded Paper

Even in a “paperless” office, there’s still an incredible amount of paper waste.

You have shredders to securely dispose of documents with sensitive information, or you might use a service that picks up your shredded documents for recycling or burning.

If you also buy packing materials, you’re wasting money.

Use your shredded paper as a packing material for padding shipped items, or donate shredded paper to local animal shelters for use as a bedding or litter material.

Meanwhile, if your office hasn’t gone digital yet, it’s long past time to make that transition. Storing documents and policies on computers instead of in filing cabinets saves space and reduces lots and lots of waste.

Provide Real Dishes

Real plates, forks, spoons, cups, and mugs might seem like a big investment up front, but take a second to calculate how much your office spends on paper plates, plastic flatware, and disposable cups in a year. It’s probably a big number.

Doing the dishes when your employees leave a dirty mug in the sink is a small price to pay to eliminate the pile of styrofoam or paper cups in the trash can every morning.

For even more efficiency, provide filtered water instead of bottled water for employees and guests, and encourage your team to bring in their own water bottles to refill throughout the day instead of buying plastic bottles from the vending machine.

The switch from disposable to reusable kitchenware reduces a huge amount of garbage.

Plus, your employees will probably find it classier than paper plates. It’s a win-win.

Providing Perks? Buy in Bulk

Instead of individual packets of sugar, coffee creamer, tea bags, and snacks, opt for larger containers that can be shared among your team.

If you’re having trouble finding something in bulk, look at food service suppliers instead of the grocery store. You can always transfer things like ketchup and sweetener from the mega-sized commercial container into a smaller, more practical dispenser.

This cuts out lots of packaging waste, and it’s also far more cost effective than individual servings of stuff.

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